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Welcome to the Corning Rugby Football Club family! We appreciate your support and interest in sponsorship.

Corning Rugby Football Club is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization with the mission and vision to promote, encourage and facilitate access to rugby to young members of our community for all area high school students. While many of our players come from the Corning- Painted Post school district, players from any and all school districts are accepted, allowing players to bond with a diverse group of teammates.

Rugby is an international sport and the fastest growing sport in the US. Our players have the opportunity to meet other players from across the state, as well as from out of state. Rugby is a unique sport that accommodates players or different abilities and body types. Male, female, tall, short, slight of build, heavily muscled they all have a place on our rugby teams. Since its inception in 2016, our club has sponsored players with financial needs as well as travel to matches, playoffs, and equipment.

The Corning Rugby Football Club impacts the community by providing its players the opportunity to interact with a very diverse group of teammates and competitors. It fosters a love of the game and a deep sense of camaraderie. The Club teaches good sportsmanship and emphasizes the highest level of conduct in the players who represent it. We have an elite class of nationally certified coaches who all serve on a volunteer basis. Our club competes against teams from across New York State. Our players have gone on to play for the Western New York Select team, and our former players are currently active on college teams.

What your sponsorship means:

Corning Rugby strives to keep registration fees, and playing and travel expenses, as low as possible. Your additional financial support helps provide team equipment, practice and game field procurement, referee fees, team travel and scholarships for team members. One of the most expensive costs for the club is purchasing jerseys. Sponsorships contributing to jersey costs allow for club dues and fundraising to be used for yearly costs rather than purchasing uniforms.

We welcome individual donation in any amount. In addition, if you would like to be involved but cannot afford a monetary donation, we would welcome a donation of products or services to meet your needs. Opportunities include raffle items, apparel, travel-related donations, competition jerseys and team attire, embroidery and silk screening services, catering, promotional items, etc.



  1. Sponsorship commitments must be received in writing by letter or e-mail
  2. Sponsorship commitments need to be paid in full BEFORE the club actions the sponsors package
  3. Invoices/receipts for Sponsorship commitments will be forwarded
  4. Jersey sponsorships are for a four (4) year
    1. Club will utilize jersey for four (4) seasons for it’s A-side (varsity team) unless jerseys conditions no longer allow for safe use
    2. Following four (4) seasons of use the jerseys will be used by the club’s B-side until no longer usable


All Sponsorship commitments are binding once ANY sponsor benefit have been provided


Great Things Await!

We have put together several great packages to suit every budget!


Join the Team!


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